Gabriel Knight 3 Model Converter

The GK3 Model Converter lets you convert the .MOD files into more usable .OBJ files! You can then open the .OBJ files with just about any 3D modeller!


First, you'll need a model you want to convert. You can either extract the model using the in-game console, or by using my handy GK3 Barn Browser.
Once you have your .MOD file ready, open a command prompt and do this:

gk3mod2obj inputfile.mod

This will convert inputfile.mod into inputfile.obj! If you want to specify the name of the output file, just add an extra command option:

gk3mod2obj inputfile.mod outputfile.obj

Once you've got your model converted you should be able to import it into just about any 3D modeller.


The model converter tool should be considered beta software. It might break or crash, or otherwise be full of bugs. It's licensed under the GNU GPL.

Last updated June 25, 2006 (v.0.1)
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Change Log

Changes in 0.1 Initial release

Contact me!

If you have any problems with the converter, think you've found a bug, anything like that, just let me know! Email me at braddabug at comcast no spam please dot net.