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Gabriel Knight 3 is a 3D adventure game developed and published by [Sierra] in late 1999. Here is some technical information about GK3.

Barn? Files

Nearly all the files?, over 3600 of them, in Gabriel Knight 3 are stored in "barn?" files (files with a .brn extention). These barn files are spread across three CD's, each CD being used during a "day" of the game (the game takes place over three days). There are eight barn files in GK3:

# core.brn -- Contains directory information for every file in any of the barn files, as well as some files of its own
# common.brn -- Contains resources common to each day
# ambient.brn -- Contains the MP3 music used throughout the game
# day123.brn -- Contains resources common to each day
# day23.brn -- Contains resources common to Day 2 and 3
# day1.brn -- Contains resources used during Day 1
# day2.brn -- Contains resources used during Day 2
# day3.brn -- Contains resources used during Day 3

Files inside the barns? can be either uncompressed or compressed. Compressed files are compressed with either LZO or ZLib.

More information on the barn format can be found at /GK3Barn?. More info on the files within the barns can be found at /GK3Files?.

Extracting files from GK3

Resource files can be extracted from GK3 using the built in console. Press SHIFT + CTRL + ~ to bring up the console, then type "extract" followed by a space, then press ENTER. A file called "!!!Readme.txt" will be created which contains information on how to extract additional files. It also creates a file called "gk3.log" with a list of all the resource files.

You can also use the GK3 barn browser, a tool created by a fan of GK3 (BradDaBug, to be precise) to easily view and extract files from GK3. It can be downloaded from http://www.fwheel.net/gkbrowser.html.

More Info



http://www.angelfire.com/games5/artohotti/ -- GK3 Editing Kit

http://www.fwheel.net/gkbrowser.html -- GK3 Barn Browser

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