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Welcome to the Game Development Wiki, an open-content resource for developing games. The GDW covers everything from game design to software architecture to art creation. Use the links below to find what you're looking for. And feel free to add to the GDW!

Note: I've locked the site for now. I'm tired of repairing loser vandalism. If you have something to add just let me know and I'll unlock ths site.

Helpful Pages -- Important pages within the Wiki

  • ThreadIndex -- Index of great threads from forums around the Internet

  • General Programming -- Articles and tutorials on languages and general aspects of programming

  • GameInfo -- Technical information on various games

Lists of Useful Resources

  • ListOfTools -- A listing of popular tools useful for game development

  • ListOfSites -- A listing of popular game development websites

Please read AboutTheWiki before adding new content.

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