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General Stuff

The purpose of this Wiki is to provide information on the process of building games. The information can include programming and asset creation and management, as well as technical information about other games. The Wiki is not intended to be used for game project collaboration, or for anything else that does not contribute to fulfilling the purpose of the Wiki.

The Wiki isn't affiliated with any other game development site. It's completely independent.

What You Can Do

There's a Wanted page that has a list of requests for articles and tutorials. If you're interested in contributing to the Wiki but don't know exactly what it should be, that'd be a good place to find out. If you'd like to discuss something about the Wiki you can do it on the Talk page.

Editing Pages

Here are some guidelines and things to think about when adding and editing pages on the Wiki.

If you're unfamiliar with how Wiki edit works, check out the SandBox and play around a little.

Images And Files

Images can be easily added to a page just by typing in the URL of the image (no image tags needed), but if you'd like you can ask that the Wiki host the image (see the email address at the bottom of this page). If it's an extremely large image we may not choose to host the image, but otherwise we probably will. Bandwidth, while not stressed by the Wiki's text, will quickly get sucked up if the Wiki starts serving lots of massive images. You can see the images that the Wiki currently hosts here: http://wiki.rednek.net/wiki_images/. Please don't remote link to these.

Certain images will almost certainly be hosted by the Wiki. Those are small images (less than 200 KB) and diagram images for a tutorial. Images greater than 1000 KB will almost certainly not be hosted. And please make sure you own the copyright for the image, or that the Wiki can get permission to host the image from the owner, or that the image is in the public domain. The JPEG format should be used for full color images (screenshots, etc) and the PNG format (preferably using indexed coloring) or GIF (but preferably PNG) should be used for low color diagrams.

Who Owns The Content

All text and images on the GDW are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/) unless otherwise noted. (If you're curious about the copyright status of an image check the credits.txt file in the same directory as the image. If credits.txt doesn't exist it means everything is licensed under the CC license.). This means if you like an article or tutorial and you'd like to put it on your website you can, as long as the text is still licensed under the same CC license and credit is given to the GDW for the text.

When code is posted onto the GDW it, under most circumstances, becomes licensed under same CC license. If the code is already licensed under some other license (which allows posting of the code, of course) then the code retains the original license, and the author should leave some sort of disclaimer letting others know about the special license.


There is an RSS feed at http://wiki.rednek.net/index.pl?action=rss that sends the RecentChanges information.


In early 2004, I had the idea to create a game development wiki. I created the thread (http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=201154) suggesting the idea and got a mixed response. Knowing that a game development wiki could potentially be a great resource, I created this wiki, mostly as an experiment to see how long it would be before it was overcome by vandalism. The Wiki began to slowly grow, but with real information, not graffiti.

The server the Wiki was sitting on was incredibly slow (a computer with a single 380 MHz processor and 64 MB of RAM), the server was connected via a simple broadband cable connection, and the server took several seconds to generate a single page. On May 14, 2004, the Wiki was moved to another server. The new host can generate pages very quickly, and we have a lot more bandwidth to play with.

Now the Wiki will hopefully continue to grow at an accelerated rate, becoming the great resource it was originally envisioned to be.

Server Info

The Wiki is currently hosted by the RedNek Counter-Strike Clan, which uses Fuitadnet (http://www.fuitadnet.com). The Wiki code is based on the [UseModWiki] code. We are no longer using the [Wookee] modification.

Link to the Wiki

If you have a website and you want to add a link to the wiki, you can use this 88x31 button if you want:


There isn't any formal way to make donations to the Wiki, but if you have a few bucks just burning a hole in your wallet you are welcome to contact the host via the email below so that special arrangements can be made for the donation (probably through [Paypal]). All donations will go directly toward improving the Wiki.

Who to Contact

If you need to contact the guy in charge of the server, you can email me at wikiSPAMIS@rednek.FORLOOSERSnet (remove the stuff that obviously needs to be removed).

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